Download Formats

Tracks can be bought in MP3 or WAV format. MP3s are encoded at the highest bitrate of 320kbps. WAVs (44.1khz / 16-bit) are CD quality, but will take up more room on your device.

All downloads are compressed into a .zip file, and most computers have built-in software to 'unzip' the file. There are unzipping apps for mobiles, but we recommend downloading on your computer and transferring the unzipped audio files to your device manually.


Downloads are usually available as soon as you've checked out with PayPal and returned to this site.

To download, log in and go to the Downloads page of your account, then click the [download] link. Purchases can be downloaded 3 times, but if you have any problems downloading / unzipping, or you need to download again for any reason, get in touch and we'll reset the link.


The Preorder ETA date shown (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the date we expect to have the item in stock. Unfortunately manufacturing times are out of our control, so we'll update the date if there's a delay.


Delivery costs of physical items are shown in your basket before checkout. Items are usually sent within 1 working day via Royal Mail, and we'll email you when it's on the way. Approximate delivery times:

UK -  1-2 days
EU -  3-6 days
Rest of the World -  1-4 weeks

What happened to the old Club Grand website?

Unfortunately that was built using Flash, which doesn't work on a lot of browsers now. For nostalgia's sake, here's a pic.